Pictures from March 2002 visit to Atacama Plateau

Because I took so many pictures - I love that digital camera - I have divided them up into categories. For all pictures, clicking on the preview will get a roughly 600 x 500 image. Some pictures are also available in larger format. All pages have the map available.

A collection of panorama shots.

Pictures of the site and its mountains.

Pictures related to astronomy on the site.

Pictures of various mountains nearby.

San Pedro de Atacama.

Some of the areas near San Pedro

Animals around the site.

Satellite image of north eastern Chile showing the site and naming some mountains. We were planning on doing seeing measurements from the summits of Cerro Chico and Cerro Toco. Although there is no road to the summit of Toco, the road does go to the bowl. From there, it is roughly a 1000' climb to the summit. Snow prevented us from reaching the Toco Bowl, so we made measurements from Cerro Honar. (1.8 Mb map)

An amazing picture (courtesy of Joe Tufts of UT) looking toward the north from Honar's summit. Licancabur is on the left, then Juriques, Toco in the center, and Chajnantor. Chico is in front of Toco. I'm not sure what the lights on the plateau are. It is a 24s exposure on Fuji Provia 400F with a Canon 35mm f/1.4L. The full moon is illuminating the landscape from the east. Yancy Shirley made a great finder chart for the image. We found we could pick out at least 8th mag stars. (75 Kb)

Last modified on 23 Apr 2002